About the Green Classroom Challenge

This program encourages students to work together to “green” their classroom by choosing to make a commitment to specific sustainable behaviors. A list of potential actions is provided for teachers and students to review and choose from. 

How the Program Works

The Green Classroom Challenge is designed to include everyone! In order to get recognition as a green classroom, teachers submit a form to share the sustainable practices that they and their students have agreed to commit to. The form includes:

Part 1: Class Information (# of students, grade level, etc.)

Part 2: Indicate in the form which sustainable practices your class already practices (to see the full list of actions click here)

Part 3: Indicate in the form 5 new actions your class is committing to take during this school year

This program is open to all classrooms TK-12! Resources related to the actions are provided on the program website. Once the form is submitted, teachers will be given a certificate to hang in their classroom recognizing the class for their efforts and indicating the different actions the classroom community is committed to. At year end, teachers are asked to complete a reflection form to help us track collective impacts.  Classrooms may be contacted for spotlight articles to highlight unique innovations and celebrate our progress toward "every classroom a green classroom!"