Join the Green Classroom Challenge!

1: Talk with your students - review a checklist and discuss what actions you already do - we have resources to help!

2: Decide on 5 New Actions your classroom can take.

3: Fill out the form linked below to indicate which actions you already practice, and the 5 New Actions your class is committing to!


4: At year-end, teachers will be asked to complete a reflection form to help us track collective impacts. Classrooms may be contacted for spotlight articles to highlight unique innovations and celebrate our progress toward greening our community. 

After committing to your actions using the form above, you will receive a confirmation email containing a certificate to hang proudly in your classroom. The visual reminder will support your commitment and hopefully spark conversations with others about how to be a Green Classroom. Later, you may be contacted to be featured on the Green Classroom Challenge website and student leadership social media. 

Need help finding lessons, information, or resources for your class? Check out our resources here!